Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does it typically take to approve materials that feature the Billboard Chart?
A: Assuming the chart is being used correctly and meets all our guidelines, Billboard's standard turnaround period is three to five business days. Please upload mockups with enough time for revisions, if necessary.

Q: We would like to post a Facebook/Twitter status encouraging fans to check out the latest Billboard Chart and our title featured in that chart. Can we use the Billboard Chart name?
A: Yes. The publication has pre-approved copy, specifically for your Facebook and Twitter postings. Please email Billboard Licensing Support for more information.

Q: Can we use the Billboard name or Chart name in our campaign or promotional materials?
A: These requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please email Billboard Licensing Support.

Q: How can we reference our chart listing on-air? Can you sign the network’s release?
A: You may mention your inclusing on the chart on-air provided you do not show the Billboard Chart, including the Billboard logo, and you have the appropriate agreements in place with the publication Rights & Permissions Department. Please contact Billboard Licensing Support for more information.
NOTE: If you would like to show a visual of the Billboard Chart on-air, you must have a TV or All Media agreement in place with Wright's Media and pay the appropriate licensing fee; all materials must be approved by Wright's Media.

Q: Can we feature our editorial mentions on the brand's website or get reprints of editorial pages?
A: For stand-alone color custom reprints and usage of the publication's material on your website, Please email Billboard Licensing Support for more information.

Q: Do we have to wait for the appropriate Master License and Purchase Agreements to be approved before we begin using the Billboard Charts?
A: Yes. The appropriate agreements must be in place before you begin using the Billboard Charts in the marketplace.

Q: Do we still have to pay the fee if we never actually use the chart?
A: Yes. A signed Purchase Agreement means you agree to payment. Once a Purchase Agreement has been signed, licensees are contractually bound to any/all terms of the appropriate Agreements.

Q: My song is listed on multiple charts or the same chart in multiple weeks. Does each chart entry carry its own licensing fees per promotional usage type?
A: Yes. Each chart listing of your song carries its own fees. For example, if you were looking to use chart artwork in an advertising campaign, your label may license each chart for that campaign.

Q: When are payments due?
A: If you do not choose to pay with a credit card, Wrights Media's billing department will generate an invoice and send it to you directly. The invoice states that payment is due 30 days after the date of the invoice.

Q: Do you offer discounts or waive fees?
A: No. Billboard does not offer discounts or waive licensing fees and does not honor or lock in pricing. All labels must pay the amount due at the time a Purchase Agreement is executed and/or renewed.

Q: I plan to continue use of my chart beyond the license term. When should I renew?
A: Upon expiration of a specific promotional usage type as outlined in the Purchase Agreement, the Artist/Label/Brand must renew and pay the appropriate licensing fee if continued use of the chart is desired. (Assuming the chart itself is not expired.)